Below is a guide for every Challenge in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Outside, loot more Trinity bodies, pick up a bundle of hardwood. NOTE: If you've been using stealth attacks up to this point, you may not have needed bandages, but you probably will here. There is now a ladder where the Explorer Satchel was. If you don't hesitate, Lara will make it to the surface before she drowns. L'actualité Lifestyle, découvrez nos conseils sorties, nos portraits et nos articles insolites, high tech, mode, beauté, culture, sport et automobile ! Sprint forward (press in on the left stick or hold Shift on the keyboard while moving forward), jumping to clear the gaps that appear in the ice. Kill him with another well-placed headshot. Examine the document (11/26) sitting next to the projector. (screenshot) If you come to the building with the shallow pool and electrical socket, you've gone too far. The JAIL CELLS are in the building in the eastern corner of the yard. (screenshots). Loot the bird's nest for feathers. Enter the shack to find a pile of hardwood and more cans. Prior to the tomb, youll have already taken Lara through part of the main storys path and past several enemy encounters. COMBAT IN THE PRISON YARD: If you're patient and careful, you can kill the 10 Trinity soldiers here without being spotted. (screenshot) Examining it reveals the locations of 3 survival caches in the area just ahead, plus a strongbox way off on the southeast side of the Soviet Installation. NOTE: After this cutscene you gain access to a new set of documents, a series of tapes from Lara's appointments with a therapist which Ana has somehow managed to obtain. - See our. When you reach the solid ground ahead, continue forward, then left, scramble up the metal wall and keep running up the broken stairs ahead. Climb the ladder, then scramble out of the raised opening on the left onto the roof. If not, finish them off before advancing. (screenshot) Then look to the left of the hole for a document (14/26), The Fearful and the Lost from the Research Notes series. Vous trouverez dans ici le détail sur les médicaments remboursés en France entre 2012 et 2019 (quand des données plus récentes seront publiées, elles seront mises à jour) (screenshots). Stella's Rise of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough - For Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, MacOS & Linux SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints . Challenges. Now deal with the one patrolling to the right of the Command Center. Go through that building and follow the next flooded tunnel to the PRISON YARD. survival caches. Or, if you throw it at the main guy, it will destroy some of his armor, making him easier to kill. Then pry open the metal door on the right to trigger a cutscene in which Lara repels a Trinity soldier and steals his ASSAULT RIFLE. (See the Logging Camp Second Visit Walkthrough for details.) Loot the welder's body and peek through the skylight at the last enemy in the room below. Rise of the Tomb Raider is the 2015 sequel to the 2013 reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise from developer Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix. for (i=0;i
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